Oliver and Marco. Yeah.

30 August 2010

Bro Bra Bru Sup Yo Aweeeeeeeeeeee

Helooooooow peoples :) Some musicles for your ears. Enjoy! These songs are REALLY sick, so I don't need to write it under each song..

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead remix)

Liquid Stranger - Ripple (Original mix)

Bassnectar - Art of Revolution (Original Mix)

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats remix)


29 August 2010

And were back!

Hey everyone, as you know I've been sick for the past 2 weeks and haven't been able to post up some songs.. SO now here's a whole bunch of music for your ears. Sorry for lack of posts :)

Laidback Luke & Johnatan Mandelsohn - Till Tonight (Chris Kaeser remix)

Afrojack vs. The Partysquad - A Msterdamn

Deekline - I dont smoke (Deekline & Tim Healey Mix - Krafty Kuts Edit)
Fidget *Sick song

Jovicii feat. Andi P - Don't Hold Back (John Dahlback & Avicii Original Mix)

Afrojack - Bangduck(Original Mix)

Bassnectar - Bass Head

DatsiK - Retreat
Dubstep *Sick song

Example - Last ones standing (Doctor P remix)
Dubstep *Sick song

27 August 2010

Sorry everyone, I have been really sick lately and just haven't had time to update the blog:(
There are a lot more posts on the way I promise.

Just to get you all ready for Excisions Shambhala 2010 mix
which should be released in the next few days!

This mix is absolutely filthy.

Dubstep*Highly Recommended!

14 August 2010

Weekend dosage!

Hello peoples :) This is a dosage for the weekend with a new post following up on sunday :) Enjoy!

Spencer & Hill - Housebeat(Original Mix)

Felguk - Side by Side(Felguk intro Mix)

Bingo Players - Taking me Hi(Original Mix)

Morgan Page Feat. Lisse - The longest road(Deadmau5 radio edit)
Progressive *Recommended.. Sick vocals

10 August 2010

Datsik, Excision, and a whole load of filth.

Pure filth that will leave you covered in a layer of scum so thick, you'll have trouble walking to the shower.
Support Excision
Support Datsik

Excision & Datsik - Swagga

Excision - Subsonic


Excision & Datsik - Deviance


Excision & Datsik - Invaders


Freestylers & Ctrl Z - Ruffneck 2009(Excision & Datsik Remix)


Those Mix tapes will be soon I promise :P

09 August 2010

Dj Bam Bam!

Dj Bam Bam's done it again!

Dj Bam Bam - Bonafide Hustler(Original Mix)


08 August 2010

Big new dubstep release!...And some sexy Calvin Harris beats.

Yo guys :P Posting up the amazing new Calvin Harris song along with some dubstep! This is possibly the biggest song he will have this year. Its a BANGER! Enjoy the musicles guys. :)

Freestylers -
Cracks feat. Belle Humble(Flux Pavilion remix)

Calvin Harris - You used to hold me
Commercial house *RECOMMENDED!

Calvin Harris - You used to hold me(Laidback Luke remix)

Electro house

03 August 2010

Dirty beats!

Hey all! Here's some SICK new songs for fidget and house lovers! The fidget songs are from the amazing record label Potty Mouth. :) ENJOY!

Wynter Gordon & David Guetta - Dirty talk (Original mix)
Progressive *Recommended* INSANE VOCALS!

Wynter Gordon & David Guetta - Dirty talk (Laidback luke remix)


Santiago & Bushido Collete - Make me feel (Original Mix)

Dj Bam Bam & Alex Peace - Me & my potty mouth
Fidget *Recommended

Royal k's latests mix tape! :)

This is Royal k's latest mix tape which feature only fidget!


Get ready boys and girls, got some filthy, dirty dubstep mix tapes on the way!