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23 February 2011


Hey all :) Hope your liking the new search function!
Anyway, here is some filth I have came across :)
Also my finished track protein, please leave feedback trough soundcloud!


22 February 2011

Dirty Dirty

Special post just for those two asking for more dirty electro! 
I have been making a few changes around the blog today, for all those people asking for it a while back,
so yeah you can search.
We also have a new rating system under each post, so please tell us what you all think of the post:)
Anyway here's some Porter Robinson :D

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)
Dirty electro

Porter Robinson - I'm On Fire (Original Mix)
Dirty electro*Skrillexy vibes

Rock Massive - Rock's Massive (Porter Robinson Remix)
Dirty electro


20 February 2011

Wub wub wub ;)

Got some dubstep, dnb and even a crazzy ass wobble track :0
This is the most wobbly song i have heard in my entire life. I am going as far as to say it is the MOST wobbly song you could ever hear. If you think you know a song thats even wobblier, post it in the comment box and if your right ill dedicate a post to you ;)

Narch - Disco Biscuit
So much wobble..so little time

The Prototypes - Breathless (Rollz Remix)

Reso - War Machine
Drum n Bass


18 February 2011


Hey guys, just finished my protein track.. Check it out & review :) Also heres the dose of dubstep and some electro.. And also a crazy remix of Linken Park by Kannamix.. Not up for download yet but still sick to listen to :)
Much love

Heavy electro/fidget


16 February 2011

D and B

Yo guys, heres some new drum and bass, sorry they arent mp3's.. So they cant be previewed but theyre worth downloading!!
Hope you enjoy it.. More to come!

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass

10 February 2011


Hey guys, Antiserums been killing it out on the subsonic tour with his friends Excision and Downlink.. Sadly this isnt anywhere near South Africa but for you Americans and Canadians I will post a link to the info so none of you people miss them live with PK sounds 50 000 watt sound systems at every gig :)
Anyway, heres some of Antiserums new stuff recently released.. And some Skrillex to be posted legit :)




The Subsonic Tour video. ---> here<--- ** Fixed

The Subsonic Tour website. ---> here <---

09 February 2011

Gigantical :D

Skrillex and Zedds dead must be my two favorite artists at the moment wow...
I love how he has such a unique Skrillex's sound and no one can touch it.
The funniest thing I think is i havent seen a single remix of any of any of his song besides two on his EP. All the rest are by himself of his own songs!
Just a bit of background about him, Some of you might know him from the Emocore, metal band From first to last, he was their lead singer before he got into making music :0
Here we go ;)
**Completely forgot about this post so im posting it now with a few extras :D**
Havent posted in a week or so, so i shall treat all you boys and girls out there.
Got Skrillex, Terravita's new EP, and for the cherry on top of the cake.. PHRESH BRAND SPANKING NEW DATISK :D :D :D :D It's just a preview but still sick ;)
Enjoy! and don't forget to spread the word ;)

Datsik & Chaosphere - Eradicate

Skrillex - My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)
Electroie cool music*Highly Recomended

Skrillex - Cat Rats
Dirty Electro

Skrillex feat. Sirah - Weekends
Sounds like cool animal noises

The Wind Blows (Skrillex Remix)
Electro*really digging this


Terravita -And The Beat Goes On**Sounds a lot like Lockdown**

Terravita & Hot Pink Delorean - Whatever You Want

Terravita - Break The System

Terravita - Freak Out



How cool does the upside down triangle look? :D

02 February 2011

Dada Love

Hey guys, heres a mix from my friend Green Machine :) Its a tech house mix.. Insane :) Check it out.. Also my favorite electro song at the moment, from Dada Life.. Fuck, they are such gods.. This song is a need!

Electro *Very Highly recommended

Tech House *Mix

01 February 2011


Hey guys, just found a fucking amazing mix from Dieselboy that was recently released. Is pretty intnense.. With crazy unreleased stuff.. This mix is probably the best mix thats coming to you till shambhala :) Download it, you wont regret it :) And here is also a tracklist.


Break feat Calyx + Teebee - Don't Look Down
Icicle feat SPMC - Dreadnaught
Phace + Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
Optiv feat Rymetyme - Run It Red (Neonlight Remix)
Pixel Fist - Horrible (Audio Remix)
Terravita - And The Beat Goes On
The Upbeats + Trei - Wear & Tear
The Prototypes - Work It
Noisia - Friendly Intentions
Dose - Squander
Audio - Prototype
Breakage - Fighting Fire feat Jess Mills (Loadstar Remix)
Delta Heavy - Space Time
Xtrah - Amazon
Blokhe4d - The Way Life Used To Be
Dub Foundation - Time to Burn
Eric Prydz - Niton (Metrik Remix)
Dieselboy + Blokhe4d - Get Back
Soul Intent - Be Strong
Culture Shock - The Bypass
Generic + The Fix - Suicide
Sigma - Stronger
Dose - Martyrdom
Gridlok + Prolix feat Fats - Tru Born Playa
Demo - OD (Counterstrike + Gein Remix)
C4C - Stranglehold [clip]
The Upbeats - Big Skeleton (MOJX VIP)
Break - Destiny Comes Ringing
The Upbeats - Untitled
Uman + BTK - Generator
Zardonic + Numbernin6 feat Messinian - End Of Days (Dieselboy VIP)
Zardonic - Nexus Polaris
Jubei + S.P.Y. - Project One
Gein + Counterstrike - Pentagram VIP
Muffler - Heavy (Search + Destroy VIP)
Zardonic + Mumblz - Systems Activated (Pixel Fist Remix)
Liquid Stranger - Robot Rox [clip]
Current Value - Indivisible Force (Cybakotic Remix)
Emalkay - Powertool
Bare - Synthetic
Mark Instinct - 15 Karat (Bare's 16K VIP) [clip]
Bare - Droid
MOB - Lifted
Bare - Bring It Back [clip]
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo - Human Implant
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo - Stalkers VIP
Bare + Muffler - Bloodsport
Truth - The Emperor
Flecta - Guts Ya
Numbernin6 - Menace
Dieselboy - NVD (Numbernin6 Remix) [clip]
Asking Alexandria - A Single Moment Of Sincerity (Bare Remix)
Pixel Fist - Fire
Excision + Downlink - Reploid [clip]
Downlink - Factory [clip]
Skrillex + Bare Noize - Scatta (Dieselboy VIP feat Armanni + Messinian)