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18 October 2010


Sup :P Anyway, as you know I love music (No shit:)) and recently I've been thinking of starting to dj. I have played around with cdj's and stuff so i'm no complete retard/noob with the stuff. So maybe if any of you existing dj's out there in South Africa wouldn't mind showing me a thing or two or taking me to a gig so I can watch you and learn etc or play with you that would be amazing :) Also I keep a lot of the really good music to myself, so I have more music I could play with you etc..

I also recently have started to (try) produce music so any of you dj's want to produce with me just say, and maybe sometime we can have a sesh or something. :)

Also the public, if you like the music on my blog and think it would be sick if I played it and more at party's and shit tell me please.. If you think the music is shit, then get the fuck off my blog. Please :)

Anyway, if anyone is keen then just give me a message on facebook. My name is Daniel Lidchi for those of you who don't know who the fuck I am. Cheers :D

DJ Mujava - Mugwanti (R3hab Remix)
Dutch *Recommended

Downlink & Excision - Existence

Kid Komas & Loc-E - Yo make that fat (Jho FM remix)

Kyle Watson - He was like (Original mix)
Fidget *Recommended

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