Oliver and Marco. Yeah.

24 December 2010


Sup guys! Here is a remix of Dem Slackers - Swagger by Kannamix! It is for a competition so we would really really appreciate it if you all commented and gave feedback about this song and if enough good feedback comes he gets the song released by them!!
If you all are good and do this you will get an epic big post of juicy tunes for your next post :)
So do it!

22 December 2010


Sup guys, recently I've been interested in producing and have been practicing a lot.
This is my first Dutch house track I made earlier today. PLEASE leave as much feedback and criticize. :)

19 December 2010


Just to get you all in the mood for Christmas :D
You better all be stoked because I am...
Let's hope Dubstep Santa has a few presents for all of us ;)

Trust me...that coal is FILTHY!

Thanks for all the comments guys:)
Keep them coming and we shall keep the music coming ;)

do you guys mind if i dont post in red? there is something wrong with the formatting and puff demands i post in red so do you all mind if i dont? pretty sure not one of you cares so tell me if you dont ;)



16 December 2010

Hungry for Fidget?

I'ts been a while since i've posted fidget so here is a small dose :)




Any producers out there please feel free to send me songs of yours. I'll be glad to post them as long as you aren't some amateur that uses the FL default kicks and claps..
Anyway, contact me on facebook. My name is Daniel Lidchi for those of you who don't know.

Guys, check out Kannamix's fan page on facebook or soundcloud.
Here are some of his songs of different genres but personally I think he is best at dubstep :)



Club Electro

14 December 2010


Hey guys, thanks for all the support and whatnot :)
10 000 views!
Anyway, here we have some really chilled out Drum 'n Bass and 1 more filthy DnB song by Sub Focus. Hope you like these.

Netsky - Escape feat. Darrison (Original Mix)
Drum 'n Bass

Camo & Crooked - History of the Future (Original Mix)
Drum 'n Bass

Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (Drum 'n Bass Mix)
Drum 'n Bass

Netsky - I refuse (Shock One remix)
Drum 'n Bass

Dedicated to Erich and Justin :)

12 December 2010


HOLY FUCK. All you boys and girls, men and woman, dudes and dudets, pimps and hoes, trannies and lighthouse men and every other type of fucked up kind you find on our blog :D

WE JUST HIT OUR 10 000 VIEW :D :D :D :D :D

So thanks to all your filthy animals out there that love the pure filth we provide!

Well I bet your all expecting something fucking mad to celebrate right? :D
well your wrong there is nothing....nope still nothing:)

Cool so thanks everyone :D
Will make sure we keep providing the filth!

Drop us a comment, tell us what you like, what you don't, what you want to see and what you dont :)
except don't ask for a search bar because your not getting one. Such a mission to tag shit and we are both lazy.

Peace to all our gnomies out there ;) Local and foreign alike.

Okay fuck i feel bad for you all :(
Here is a song :D


Grandmaster out


11 December 2010


We sure your all gently amping for this post, cuz its gonna be vrek jus. No spiiicing here(no salt no pepper no cinnamon) - these tunez will be so mooi, it will make you feel like you are tripping so hard and you cant handle your suip... Caity Wells.

Awee, so for all you sick jollers these tunez will be fokken lank mos jus, but for all you tetties if you rate this music kak then you can lus it and bounce... coz you kak bot and nobody cares about you.

But okes, its time to listen up okes. Un fortunately our boyz - leechi and thomas - have quit. but the jus thing here okes is that we gon be here to post some vrek mad tunez. It's gonna be a Romple Stomple time... okes.

k, just a lil shout out to Xupa Xupa on kloof street. Its just below Vida and you must check us there because we working there and its vrek mad.

Mmmmm But this post is CLEARLY baaaaaad.
Love Dom and Oliver.

tettie, ek se.

Chilled with sick vocals






Ellllo! In the past 2 months the best songs of the year have been released. Seriously, they are honesty soul touching lol. Such as Deadmau5' new EP of 11 songs :D Here are a few of them which are storming stores worldwide. MASSIVE release everyone. I'll give you a taste of Drum 'n Bass which I will be posting next post. I'll put up a large selection of DnB for you addicts :) Also a taste of our traditional filth of Datsik & Excisions latest remix which I think actually deserves a post for alone but i'm too lazy, amazing tune guys.
Enjoy this people :) Tell your friends.

Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Sleeps (Original Mix)
Electro/Progressive *Highly Recommended

Deadmau5 - One Trick Pony feat. Sofi (Original Mix)
Dubstep *Highly Recommended

Deadmau5 - I Said feat. Chris Lake (Michael Woods remix)
Tech house/Progressive

Deadmau5 - A City In Florida (Original Mix)

AK1200 - Drowning (Terravita remix)
Drum 'n Bass

Noisia - Alpha Centauri (Datsik & Excision remix)
Dubstep *Highly Recommended

08 December 2010


Hmm, so heres a old Funtcase song I found with Mr. Jbear :) So crazy, can't believe I only found it now and also a crazy chillstep song by the one and only Bassnectar! My top 2 artists out there at the moment.

Funtcase - Wizard Sleeve (Original Mix)

Bassnectar feat. Tina Malia - Underwater (Original Mix)

06 December 2010

Sorry guys neither of us have posted in a while...to tell you the truth we are both just fucking lazy haha :) But here are a few more tracks in the mean time :D
It's holidays so don't bitch about less posts...deal with it.

Culprate - Dont Do That (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Drops so good my neighbours invited the police around :D

Crystal Fighters - Swallow (Funtcase Remix)

Bassnectar & Datsik - YES

Kano - Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Dubstep with some sick rasta vocals

Physical - Giant

02 December 2010

Eleeeectro beats!

Hey guys and girls (and aliens/cats). Here is some electro :P I heard this dada life song at synergy live which was amazing! And it seriously blew me away, I spent like 2 hours looking for it and eventually found it. Seriously, such a crazy jam! The fidget songs just a classic for those who don't have it and that DnB song has to be my favorite DnB song of all time. It's just so melodical. Here's also a interview of Datsik I found. Ill post one of Borgore up soon aswell. Enjoy :)

Kaskade feat. Haley - Dynasty (Dada Life remix)

Pascal & Pearce - Disko Bisket (Mini K remix)

Camo & Krooked - Turn Up (The Music)
Drum 'n Bass

1) I'm guessing your main VST is Massive so how do you get such a transformer/computerised sound to your synths?

All about post processing.. Once you have your sound, bounce it to audio and try different types of distortion, duplicate the channel and pan them, chorus, flange, etc, etc..

2) Where did your name "datsik" originate from?

I used to be a avid xbox gamer, was my character name in halo lol

3) As before, which VSTs you using mainly?

I rinse massive pretty hard, been recently toyin about with the fab filter plugins alot too..

4) Which DAW do you use and do you have any favourite plugins?

Thanks dude!, i use Logic 9

5) When are you coming to the UK?

Plan on comin to the UK eventually, it will more than likely be a tour when i come over.. but hopefully soon man still in the works!

6) If I ever wanted to send you a tune where would I send it to? :D

If you wanna send me tunes u can email them to djdatsik@gmail.com!

7) I'm going for a question similar as the first one: how do you manipulate your synths beyond recognition yet so rock-solid and dead on?

Alot of weed/post processing, re-processing and re-bouncing, deviding it up etc.

8) How the hell is your bass so grimy, I try so hard to get it like in the track havoc, never can get it.

Keep tryin man, along the way you'll end up crafting your own sound

9) When are you comming to romania?

Not sure about Romania, if the right oppurtunity arises i might end up out there :)

10) What is your favourite song of all time??

I got no 1 favorite song.. I was a super big hip-hop head turned dubstep, I used to all bout old skool method man and wu-tang, but in dubstep my inspiration changes quickly as the wind.