Oliver and Marco. Yeah.

29 October 2010


Sup sup guys:)
I know a lot of our views are from other countries..but please all you locals out there can you do me a favor? Every time you see Nick Williams please could you bend your wrist up like shown in the picture above? Do it and watch him freak out haha. Also show him blood.
I'm doing this because he takes it limp...go and watch him live...from his bedroom :D

What a tool...That's why pot is bad.
Anyway back to the jams!
The Dubstep radio is rad, 24 hours of the sickest jams all day everyday, you really don't get better then that.
Except maybe not having to go to school and having a phat ass speaker systems...yeah pretty much:)
I'm sure some of you already have VLC media player, that's what we use to stream the radio. You can download it from here. Install that and then just open the file and it will start playing ;)
Good luck homies, if it fails..yeah don't make it my problem, ask Puff ;)
In the mean time here is some more jams:

Dantini - Oh, The Horror!

Green Light (Quartus Saul Kaney Remix)


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