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06 November 2010

Sweet interview :P

Found a really funny interview with SkisM and Borgore. Check it out. Also heres a mix by him yo.

Just a little over a year in the biz, and already the mysterious Skism is considered one of the top producers in "filth-dubstep". Skism is constantly gaining popularity, and during this past year he received support from the likes of Pendulum, Chase & Status, Scratch Perverts, Freq Nasty, Rusko, Nero and Plastician just to name a few.
He has remixed chart topping Dubsteppers [such as Excision & Datsik], collaborated with UK vocal talents [like the Foreign Beggars & Envy] and just this week! Skism released a full ep!
We saw skism's shocking documentary, which was way too disturbing not to post! So we asked him a couple of questions just so u have somting to read while the popcorn's getting rdy !

-If u were a porn director and had to pick your entire cast by choosing well known dubstep producers. Who would get casted? And what would the story line be about?
The entire cast? Dubstep producers? That’s Easy. FuntCase’s boyish good looks have earned him the lead role in ‘So Sexed’. A gritty thriller in which he gets nailed by the Circus Records crew after they discover he used the same snare drum in two tunes.

-How big is ur penis compared to others uv seen?
Put it this way, I actually DID star in a porno, and they named it after me…
SKisM stars in ‘Lord of Your Ring: Battle for Middle GIRTH’

-What exactly motivated you to do this interview?
Borgore told me that if I did this interview, I would be one step closer to being as cool and popular as he is.
( Borgore's Editor comment: His next mission is to grow a dick shaped hair cut to get Bieber's )

-EP banned? North korea? Shemale lovin? Whats going on in ur life mann, is this documentary for real??
Everything in the Documentary is true, North Korea, a communist dictatorship, made an exception to their policies and allowed western music to be sold in their country. To this day, the only act of capitalism in the reign of my good pal Kim Jong Il.
PLEASE NOTE *In all seriousness, if there are people who think that documentary is real, I’m really sorry, you are officially a FUCKTARD. Stay off YouTube, Stay in school, learn to read, and definitely don’t watch my videos.
( Borgore's Editor comment: U know half of our readers dunno where North Korea is , or the fact its a communist nuclear and all in all super strange country , Fuk it , they dunno even what is google to search for it. )

-What was the best compliment u ever received in bed?
‘How the fuck am I sposed to fit that in my mouth!?’

-If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

-If ur father was going to jail, what advice would u give him?
Say hi to Mum for me.

-What made u go with the name “skism”?
It means Sick Kids Into Sick Music, but having read some of the retarded rants on YouTube I’m seriously considering changing it to the rumoured meaning….

-If u could eliminate any music genre, what music would cease to exist?
Hmm, I generally love all music so I’d probably have to get rid of something I’ve never heard…
Bluegrass, I’ve never heard that, what is it?...yeah Bluegrass can fuck off.

-What was the last conversation you overheard and wish you hadn’t?
Overheard Borgore whispering sweet nothings to his mum. Shit was raw.
( Borgore's Editor comment: I never whisper, I shout. didn't ur mom tell u ? )

-What was your worst nickname?
The Weapon of Gash Destruction. I personally thought it was a compliment.

-What are you doing to make the world a better place?
Well I just told Bluegrass music to fuck off didn’t I?

-What should you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?
Tell Flux Pavilion to get out of your garden.

-If some of our readers never attended a skism show, he comes to some gigs wearing a different wig [that’s right!] and when the last tune drops , he throws the wig to the audience. What made u start doing that?
Haha well I haven’t done it for a while cos I threw out all my fucking wigs to crowds. No reason really, just thought it would be funny to film.
( Borgore's Editor comment: If its cause ur bold I feel u , I'm on my way there. )

-What is your biggest regret?
Agreeing to do this interview haha
( Borgore's Editor comment: *Crickets* )

-If u could get ur mom a plastic surgery for free? What would u change and why?
I’d probably get her a penis reduction, contrary to popular belief there IS such a thing as TOO BIG.

Right , go grab ur popcorn , here we go -

WATCH --> His video <-- WATCH

Dubstep mix

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