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02 December 2010

Eleeeectro beats!

Hey guys and girls (and aliens/cats). Here is some electro :P I heard this dada life song at synergy live which was amazing! And it seriously blew me away, I spent like 2 hours looking for it and eventually found it. Seriously, such a crazy jam! The fidget songs just a classic for those who don't have it and that DnB song has to be my favorite DnB song of all time. It's just so melodical. Here's also a interview of Datsik I found. Ill post one of Borgore up soon aswell. Enjoy :)

Kaskade feat. Haley - Dynasty (Dada Life remix)

Pascal & Pearce - Disko Bisket (Mini K remix)

Camo & Krooked - Turn Up (The Music)
Drum 'n Bass

1) I'm guessing your main VST is Massive so how do you get such a transformer/computerised sound to your synths?

All about post processing.. Once you have your sound, bounce it to audio and try different types of distortion, duplicate the channel and pan them, chorus, flange, etc, etc..

2) Where did your name "datsik" originate from?

I used to be a avid xbox gamer, was my character name in halo lol

3) As before, which VSTs you using mainly?

I rinse massive pretty hard, been recently toyin about with the fab filter plugins alot too..

4) Which DAW do you use and do you have any favourite plugins?

Thanks dude!, i use Logic 9

5) When are you coming to the UK?

Plan on comin to the UK eventually, it will more than likely be a tour when i come over.. but hopefully soon man still in the works!

6) If I ever wanted to send you a tune where would I send it to? :D

If you wanna send me tunes u can email them to djdatsik@gmail.com!

7) I'm going for a question similar as the first one: how do you manipulate your synths beyond recognition yet so rock-solid and dead on?

Alot of weed/post processing, re-processing and re-bouncing, deviding it up etc.

8) How the hell is your bass so grimy, I try so hard to get it like in the track havoc, never can get it.

Keep tryin man, along the way you'll end up crafting your own sound

9) When are you comming to romania?

Not sure about Romania, if the right oppurtunity arises i might end up out there :)

10) What is your favourite song of all time??

I got no 1 favorite song.. I was a super big hip-hop head turned dubstep, I used to all bout old skool method man and wu-tang, but in dubstep my inspiration changes quickly as the wind.

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