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09 June 2011

Noisia - Friendly Intentions EP / Koan Sound - Max out EP :D :D Double Post

Yo guys, Noisia's drum & bass is possibly my favorite besides for Spor's stuff.. And these songs show why :D It's a really odd and weird type of dnb but I love it (Think its a love or hate type) and its gained a lot of attention from many international artists and Excision who has been playing it all the time at shows and it's also in his latest mix "X Sessions".. Also the awesome classic from Noisia and Foreign Beggars which gets me stoked every time I hear it..

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass

*****Bonus Noisia*****

Drum & Bass


Holy shit, this entire EP left me speechless.. Besides for Max Out lol.. Every song has a completely original and interesting element to it that I've never heard before.. And for jamming out Trouble in the west is just perfect.. One Hand clap is a fucking interesting song.. So fast and crazy :D (If you wondering why trouble in west has been posted twice is because the old link is dead).. Enjoy this fine Inspected Records Release! :D






Finally id like to add a crazy song with Flux Pavilion (Joshua Steele) on the vocals for once :D
Its a remix by Cookie Monsta and is brilliant.. Enjoy.. again..


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