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19 September 2011

New Rottun/Circus Double Post :D :D

Yo guys, here's one of Rottuns most recent EP's from Mark Instinct and Adroa bringing you some extremely filthy collabs :D
Must say the main track on the ep (Suicide Pill) is a work of art.. Makes me jizz.. The vocals just make the track such a banger, holy fuck.
Other tracks are also pretty sweet too.. Happy to see that Rottun artists are collabing more..
Enjoy :D





Ahh, now for the latest Circus release.. Roksonix has outdone himself, really really dig this new stuff from him. Has that classic Circus feel that all the artists on the label have mastered too. And the fans seem to dig it a lot as it has taken beatport by storm and was sitting at #2 on the dubstep charts for a while :D
Hope you like the EP!






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